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Sun’s Arshavin saving McDonald’s vouchers story misleading

Andre Arshavin

The Sun are today running a story which is designed to make people believe that Andrei Arshavin is tight with his money, leading readers to believe that he uses discount vouchers in McDonald’s when they don’t actually say that in the piece.

They tear in to Arshavin for taking his family to McDonald’s solely based on the fact that the player earns a reported £80,000 per week while I’m sure his children don’t really have any clue what that means and enjoy a trip to McDonald’s as much as any other kid.

They add

The £80,000-a-week Arsenal forward regularly snubs trendy celeb hotspots such as The Ivy.

Instead, the Russian star scrimps together £1.99 meal deal tokens when he takes his missus and their three kids to their local McDonald’s in London’s posh Hampstead.

Imagine him not taking his kids to The Ivy – how awful of him! They highlight that he ‘saves the discount vouchers’ when the truth is that he probably simply accepts them as they are offered as most of us do. They offer no evidence that Arshavin then uses the vouchers when he returns to McDonald’s at a later time.

The entire piece is nothing more than sensationalism based on a footballer taking his family to McDonald’s. THE HORROR!

  • Karpeh

    i dont see ARSENAL anywhere on this t-shirt

    • ladyarse

      That’s because it’s not an Arsenal-specific tshirt :)

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