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Jol – Arshavin hit player’s arm on purpose to win penalty

I’ve heard of grasping for reasons and excuses as to why your side didn’t win a match or why a referee might have given a dubious penalty but Martin Jol’s assertion that Arshavin deliberately aimed the ball at Sascha Riether’s arm to win the penalty is laughable in the extreme. For a start, it wasn’t a penalty and shouldn’t have been given so you’d think if you were going to try and actually win a penalty you’d do something a bit more convincing, never mind that the player’s arm was down by his side and he was close to Arshavin.  This is Arshavin, you will remember, who argued with a referee that it wasn’t a penalty when he was fouled against, well, I can’t remember what game that was.

Martin Jol said

He did it on purpose. The ref was pleased not to see it go in. If you get a point and they miss a penalty, you have to be happy.

Have you ever heard anything quite that ridiculous?


  • Skid64

    I have no worries LA about tonights game 3-0 ! I always feel at ease before ko with regards to CL games always get nervous before Prem games though !I think our group was piss easy to be honest, we just turned up with the wrong attitude !I know you have to play the big boys sometime but the round after next would have been better. Think I mentioned in a post the other day I fancy us to do Real over two legs even with our defence but Barca, I don’t think so ! If we do play them AW better have a plan b because plan a didn’t work last time ! If he tries plan a again I think we could get slaughtered.I know it’s a bit early but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I know we don’t see eye to eye when it comes to LF but I really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the points you make even if I don’t always agree with them. Keep up the good work !

    • ladyarse

      And the same to you :) It wouldn’t be as much fun if we all agreed with each other, and I’ve always found good-natured banter and heated debates great fun, so long may it continue…but let’s hope in 2011 there’s nothing for any of us to disagree about, not even Joppa ;p lol

      Seriously doubt it tho…

      2011 – celebrating 125 years of success while watching them remember 50 years of failure. (I encourage everyone to adopt that as their signature for the new year)

  • Anonymist

    Game is tied 1-1

  • Jdeigh

    I think this group was a lot harder than what people made it out to be. Remember Braga knocked out Sevilla, and Shaktar won the UEFA Cup two years ago and they have a lot of classy Brazilians. I see Shaktar getting to the quarter’s or semi’s.

  • LadyArseisafuckingprick

    You really are a Ladycock! – Spurs may have finished with less points than the scum but we finished top in a much harder group making history in the process of being the first team to score 2 or more goals in each game. No matter what Spurs do you never give credit when credit’s due. You make some jackass comment about points total you prick! Not only that but we will progress further than the scum because you will face Barca Real or Bayern – I think it’s all over, It is now! Tutty bye Scum. How embarrassed will you be when we’re in the quarters and you’re at home watching eastenders or corrie, you fucking dickhead.

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