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It was a mistake for France to play Diaby – Wenger

Abou Diaby, who limped out of Arsenal’s Premier League match against Chelsea at the weekend in the first half, should not have been called up for international duty according to Arsene Wenger.  At the time, we all praised Didier Deschamps sense when he let Diaby travel home and only played him in the one match, however, Arsene makes a very good point about a player, who had spent the best part of a year out of the game, being called in to the national side straight away.

The quotes, which are from the Daily Mirror, say

I said many times that if France wanted Diaby for their game in Spain, they should not take him to Finland and Russia. They could have just taken him but not played him, because the guy has been out for a year, played just four or five games.

It is really frustrating, because once you think you get there, it happens again. I think it was a mistake to play him with the French national team.

We’ve seen this time and time again, the national team aren’t really that bothered what happens to players between internationals. How many players have Arsenal lost to international nonsense?  Wenger, no fan of international football to begin with, knows more about his players than the international managers. If he warned them, they should have listened.

They never do.

Diaby will now be out for three weeks, which, in Arsenal terms, should only mean he misses the Champions League game against Olympiacos and the Premier League game at the weekend against West Ham. After that, we head in to another stupid international break and Arsenal don’t play again until October 20th.

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