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Spanish paper hints Barca have list of Arsenal players they want

Alex Song

I can’t quite make out if the piece which is running in Mundo Deportivo is taking the mickey out of the fact that we often say that Barcelona must have a list of all the Arsenal players that they want to sign or if the piece that is running today is based on anything more substantial than that, but they seem to be claiming that when Barcelona were looking at buying Song they also considered moves for Abou Diaby, Jack Wilshere and Thomas Vermaelen. After reading the piece a number of times they do seem to be very serious.

The paper, which reminds us lowly fans that we were adequately compensated for Song, also highlighted that one of the things Song had going for him was Darren Dein, Cesc’s agent. Not that we didn’t already know that Dein played a major role.

MD they quote Andoni Zubizarreta as saying that Song was

The first of the list

Admittedly, the list was of Barcelona goals, but the paper then concludes by saying that central to their ‘list’ was another player whom they saw as a more important acquisition, one they do not name but state was a ‘rear pivot’ and, shock horror of horror’s another ‘gunner.’


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