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Italian press report ‘clash’ over Bendtner

First it was reported that Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner was in talks with AC Milan, then Juventus were closing in on a deal and now, today, Gazetta are reporting that Juventus and Fiorentina are set to clash over his signing.  You take him, no you take him, no you.

I kid.

Who’d have thought at the start of the summer, when it was clear that Bendtner would be on his merry little way, that three top Italian sides would be after him? Not me that’s for sure.

The report talks about the ‘case’ of Berbatov, presumably meaning where the Manchester United player went around Italy agreeing to join everybody before deciding to stay in the Premier League with Fulham instead.   Fiorentina accused Juventus of having

An arrogant behaviour and has no ethics

So it remains to see just what, exactly, they think they would be getting should they sign Nicklas Bendtner who isn’t exactly known in the game for being humble.

Gazetta say that the Bendtner to Juventus deal was practically done before Berbatov got involved although they also say that Marotta had some concerns regarding the 24 year old Danish striker and ‘needed some information.’ What that information was they don’t say.

Fiorentina also need to reinforce in their striking department so the paper is saying that there is not a tug of war over Bendtner.


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