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Alex Song claims he wanted to stay at Arsenal but couldn’t say no to Barcelona

Alex Song

Swapping the Premier League for La Liga and Arsenal FC for Barcelona FC, Alex Song became the latest player to leave the club this summer headed for the Catalan side but he claims that it wasn’t what he wanted at all, all he wanted was to negotiate a new contract with Arsenal, because, you know, with only three years left on  his current deal time was running out.  Not only that, he claimed Arsenal ‘fobbed him off’ for eight months, which means that he would have had almost FOUR years on his contract when he wanted a new deal.

Poor little child.

An interview which ran in the Sun reports Song as saying

I wanted a new five year contract at Arsenal. In the end I got one – at Barcelona.

He then went on to address the claims that he was lazy and that Arsenal had become fed up with him and his agent touting him all over Europe by saying

I woke up and read those things in the paper and was really surprised and disappointed. I love Arsenal, I never wanted to leave.

I had been trying for eight months to start talking about a new long-term deal but the club kept postponing me all the time saying ‘you have three years left.’

I hadn’t talked about money I just wanted to sit down and discuss a new deal – I wanted to commit my career to the club I loved. Then out of the blue, Barcelona came in for me.

Have you ever heard more rubbish than this? It wasn’t about the money Alex? Then why were you in such a hurry to sort out a new deal when you had three years left on the one you already had?  You wanted to commit your future to the club you claim you love but when Barcelona came calling you went running even though you had three years left on your deal?

Song continued

I’m really upset. These accusations are hurtful, they are slurs on my character.

I have the utmost respect for Arsene Wenger. I loved him like a father and he is a fantastic coach.

He made me the player I am and I am indebted to him for that.

There was never any trouble between us, so for someone within the club to suggest that really upsets me.

I will always love Arsenal but Barcelona are the best team in the world. I may not start every game but I can’t wait for the challenge.

I would have stayed but when the Barcelona train comes in for you, that is a once-in-a-lifetime chance and you just can’t miss it.

So all you wanted to do was commit your future to the club you loved Alex eh? Pull the other one Alex, this is all about damage control and Arsenal fans have been lied to by players a lot smarter than you. You wanted more money, Arsenal wouldn’t give you it, your agent started touting you around Europe, Wenger had enough and held the door open for you to leave.

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