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Arsenal withdraw from Sahin chase

It seems as if, finally, this saga is winding down after a crazy few weeks which culminated yesterday in Nuri Sahin ‘certainly’ going to Arsenal before he was ‘certainly’ going to Liverpool. Of course, as news of his impending arrival at Liverpool hit the internet there were cries from some Arsenal fans that Wenger had once again messed up the deal or that Arsenal’s stinginess had cost us the transfer.  It seems that that is far from the mark.

Journalist Matt Law said on his Twitter feed that

Reports elsewhere seem to indicate that Wenger had a number of concerns. Firstly was the player’s injury record at Madrid, then there was his attitude, but the sticking point seemed to be the wages that were required on top of the loan fee with no option to buy at the end of the deal meaning Arsenal would have been paying out many millions to help make yet another player become better so that he could go off an benefit another club.

The Daily Mail today were reporting that Arsenal pulled out after refusing to match Liverpool’s offer to pay 70 per cent of the players £120k wages and the fact that he is on £120k alone would be enough to become a problem at Arsenal with no other player on a wage per week close to that since Cesc and van Persie left.

There will be much crying today from certain sectors of the support that we ‘messed’ this one up, but I don’t think that is the case. I think that this withdrawal is probably for the best, but I guess time will tell when we see how her gets on at Liverpool.  For those who want to think it is *always* Wenger’s fault, a player going to another club doesn’t always mean that he choose them over Arsenal you know. Sometimes Arsenal really do decide that a player is just not worth it.


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