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Bild report Sahin to Arsenal done

German sports paper/website are confirming Nuri Shain’s loan deal to Arsenal which follows on the back of other news which came out of Germany earlier today.

Bild are also making a bit of a big deal about the run-in that Sahin and Podolski had when they met in the Bundesliga and are asking is it wise that they will play in the same team, however the run-in they had was not even plastic bags let alone handbags.

The Sahin deal has been up, down and around, as competing media outlets said he was off to Liverpool, then Arsenal, then Liverpool but now it seems to have settled and it seems as if he could, finally, be on his way to The Emirates.

Arsenal do love a good ol’ Friday transfer announcement, so I guess we wait and see what nonsense tomorrow brings. For now it seems as if this saga might be coming to a close and that Nuri Sahin will, finally, be an Arsenal player.

Don’t bet on it yet though.

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