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Sahin still training with Real Madrid

Despite some people saying that Nuri Sahin had been spotted in London (no reputable people I should add) the Spanish press are reporting that the player is still training with Real Madrid ahead of their Supercopa match against Barcelona and took part in training this morning.

It’s all very confusing as the same paper that is reporting that the deal is done is saying that Sahin is still a Real Madrid player. Still, with Arsenal’s next game away to Stoke you can’t really blame the player for delaying the transfer a little bit longer.

What it does mean is that it s unlikely that anything will be announced today by Arsenal as they will need to get the player from Spain and photographed etc. Then again, who the hell knows?

I know I’m bringing you conflicting reports, but I’m just reporting on the stories as they appear in the press. You know how this goes by now. Nothing we write here claims to be fact, simply reporting what is out there and trying to make sense of all the madness to find out what is actually going on.

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