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Bendtner: Found out about my fine when I was having a green tea

Nicklas Bendtner, who was fined last week for a number of driving offences and had tweeted at the time his court case was being heard that he was on a shopping spree, has today tweeted that he only just learned about his driving fine saying:

Bendtner had been charged with driving without a licence after he failed to apply for a new licence after originally losing it for 56 days due to speeding.  He was found guilty in his absence and ordered to pay a £4,750 fine plus court costs.

Bendtner, who has been linked with a move away from the Emirates, is looking to leave Arsenal due to his limited playing time.  Speaking previously about his desire to leave Arsenal, Bendtner said

I am ready for a new challenge. I have heard about concrete interest from other clubs, who sound interesting, but I can’t say more that that right now. After all, I am still under contract with Arsenal, so I have to get back to Arsenal and talk to them first. On the specific matter of staying with Arsenal, I have to say I need something new to happen for me.

This is not Bendtner’s first run in with the law having faced charges for criminal damage due to taking a dislike to some cars while with Lee Cattermole.

Footballers really do live in their own world.

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