LadyArse Gossip is a place to gather all the news rumours, speculation and gossip which surrounds Arsenal. It does not claim to be ‘In The Know’ about anything, simply reporting on what’s freely out there on the internet for anyone else to find and trying to sift through the lies to find what’s actually true. We also offer our opinion on the news and gossip which surrounds Arsenal in a bid to offer clarity.

We also endeavour to find stories which the main news outlets have missed in order to keep our readers up to date with Arsenal and their players, both past and present.

Any rumours which are unsubstantiated will be clearly highlighted as we do not intend to propagate the spread of unfounded rumours, rather find a way to weight them against those which have actual validity.

The writers for this site are:

Lee Hurley has been a writer for over 15 years and established LadyArse.com in 2008. Based in Belfast, Lee travels to London as often as possible to watch Arsenal and has been an Arsenal supporter since 1987.

Andi Foster is a 28 year old Gooner living in Gloucester. He’s supported Arsenal since he was 7 years old and has been writing / rambling about a number of things for the past 12 years.

All writers can be contacted through Twitter using the links on the sidebar or by using the contact form found on the contact page.

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